Silver Certified


Pure Air Refilling Station for - BA Set

We have installed Bauer Make Air compressor with secures air filter and contaminated filling

storage (CFS 5.5) to avoid any accident. The whole setup is EN approved and imported from Germany.

Legendary Performance at Affordable Cost

IE 100 – State of the art portable compressors

IE100 is best poised to meet the customer needs due to its legendary reliability under the toughest Indian conditions combined with low weight and an excellent price-quality ratio


Uncompromising quality down to the last detail has made us the global market leader for breathing air compressor units with IE100 we ensure the air quality as per the latest international standard, so every time you put your SCUBA/SCBA sets

IE 100 – Technical Data

ie100 technical.png
IE 200.png

IE 250 – Technical Data

ie250 technical.png